Thursday, 4 November 2010


Well as promised - just like buses that always  come along together when you have been waiting for ages - two blog entries in two days.

So Paris and Michael Buble! Rosemary is a big fan so rather than face the O2 and taking the chance of seeing him in miniature from some seats a long way from the stage we got tickets for the same price 18 rows from the front at the Bercy arena in Paris. We booked these seats in April before the cancer saga had appeared on the scene. Once it did and with the treatment plan over the following 6 months I was not sure that I would get there as I could have been recovering from the op. As luck would have it - I was able to go as there were no appointments to attend and the op date was set for after the concert!

Chris and Philip met the three of us there  - they were on holiday at their house in France (where I went on holiday in Sept) and came up on the TGV.
Rosemary, me, Chris, Neil & Philip

The concert was brilliant - great seats and sound was excellent - it got even better when Mr Buble came down off the stage to sing from a small platform in the middle of the arena. Then we were only 3 rows from the front, but this was not good enough for Rosemary and Neil who were right by the stage. What a great view we all had and he sang " Home" - made me laugh when he sang the line
" In Paris & Rome....." the only difference was I did not want to go home! Michael Buble reached out and touched Rosemary's hand and engaged in eye contact - she was made up and so excited.

He has long arms!

He did touch my hand - I am so excited!!

He is such a showman and kept us captivated all the way through and we had  a great evening - one to keep in the memory bank for when I am lying around convalescing and not able to get out much. I was relieved that he did not play "Hold On" as there would have been an 'emotionally unstable' moment as it seems to get me every time.
The man himself
"Just haven't met you yet" boogie & sing a long!

Thursday saw us a tourists about Paris - sunny weather and a walk along the banks of the Seine. Starting at the Eiffel Tower
Artistic shot in black & white

Photo stop en route
- past the Grand Palais and onto Musee D'Orsay where we stopped a while. A light lunch in the museum cafe and then a tour of the beautiful art  What a wonderful treat - Renoir, Manet, Van Gogh, Degas Gaugin and Monets. I was able to get quite close to look at these paintings - amazing creations of light and shadow. So different from the art of Michelangelo of Rome last week, I have been so inspired by the art of these talented people I had to get the Story of Art from the library to read more about them.

Stained Glass at Saint Chappelle
Then onto to Saint Chappelle - which is the chapel of the royal family when the French had one - such beautiful stained glass windows. These are in the process of being cleaned - the newly cleaned windows are amazing while the dirty ones you can hardly make out the colours.

Dinner at Bofinger near the Bastille was a unique experience. It is an old fashioned Parisian restaurant so very french and atmospheric. Don't read the reports on Trip Advisor - we had a great evening and lovely food especially the french onion soup which was a meal in itself. Sadly Rosemary's date for the evening Mr Buble at the last moment had to cancel - but she quickly recovered with the help of a Kir Royale:-)

No its not Michael Buble!

Friday - I had not been to Sacre Coeur so we all went - what a great view but what a desperate area it is in - not sure that I would rush back there so thanks to my 4 friends for agreeing to come.

Lunch in a wonderful French bistro in the Marais - and a decadent glass of red with lunch! Such a great finale to our trip. Neil Rosemary & I said au revoir to Philip & Chris as they were staying an extra night.

Very French!

What an exciting 3 days in Paris - walking and enjoying great company and plenty of laughter. Again forgot all about the operation. It was lovely to spend such a great time with these good friends and Neil  and a big big thank you for all their support over the last few months. They have always been there to listen to me - encourage me and make me smile when I have been down and respecting my need for silence when I did not feel like talking. Thanks.

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  1. Soooooo pleased you have had these 2 wonderful trips, they sound great and a real boost. My Dad had a ticket to the O2 Buble concert given to him as a birthday present but didn't go! My Mum would love the picture from the Saint Chappelle as it is her favourite Paris chapel.
    Hope the memories of the 2 visits keep you going well past the 15th and you are soon home recuperating. Lots of love and hugs and positive thoughts from Mat (& Sara xxxxxx