Thursday, 25 November 2010


Hi  Neil here

Just a quick update on Brian's admission today,  all went very well. He was initially given a bed on C3 which is the urgent admissions ward when we arrived at 3pm,   but we spoke to his nurses Emma and Niki and very quickly someone came along and took us to C2,  we had been told beforehand there was only a small possibility of staying on there, it is the brand new hi-tech ward, he was given his own private room, it has en-suite and is very quiet could not fault it feels like he is in a private  hospital

Also could not fault the staff there,  everyone we came into contact with was calm and reassuring and knew exactly what was going much so his blood pressure had come down by the time  I left him at 9pm. He was obviously quite anxious on the way there but we could not have been treated any better,  his will be the only operation tomorrow, they will take him down around 12:30 with the op starting about 1pm so we would hope he will be back on the ward by 9 or 10pm, they will call me once the Operation is nearing completion ( approx 7pm ) , it will be a team  of four operating on him, both registrars came into to see us and answered any questions we had..I was a bit concerned that one was still there working at 8pm he assured me he'd go home and get a good nights rest before tomorrow :-)

So I left him very comfortable but a bit hungry,  he was going to ask for a sleeping pill to knock him out and they will be waking him at 6am to give him another dose of the cleaning agent he has to take to flush him out, I'll speak to him in the morning so will report back briefly  tomorrow how he is.

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