Sunday, 28 October 2012

Discharged from Oxford - lung stuff all done!

I went to see the surgeon in Oxford on Thursday afternoon for the post op review. The tumour that was in my lung was made up of cells of the same type as the original demon that was first located in my bowel and removed back in November 2010. The good news is that they removed this one as well from my lung with very clear margins. The chest x-ray showed that all was OK and that the lung had healed. I am almost back to the same fitness levels as before the operation. I was told that I had done very well. So I was discharged from the lung clinic at Oxford so no more visits there are required.

I have been referred back to my bowel surgeon for further check ups etc and I have an appointment to see him on 2 November when I expect we will agree next scan dates etc.               Meanwhile life is there for me to get on with............!

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