Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Time goes quickly ( hopefully)

Time does pass very quickly. I can't believe that it was 20 Jan since my last blog and that today is the 1 Feb the day before I start my chemo.  I'm hoping the next 6 months speed by as well.

I have been keeping myself busy in the last couple of weeks. I have been feeling well and as I can drive again now have managed to get out and about. Life has almost returned to what it was before my op. It has been good to catch up with people again and have  people drop in for a cuppa and we have also been out to see friends & family. I am back to cooking dinner most evenings and am slowly putting some weight back on. Today I have been for a short haircut just in case it all starts to fall out soon. This afternoon I went to see the movie "Black Swan". It is a dark psychological thriller - very dark in fact. Natalie Portman plays a brilliant part and I can see why she has been nominated for an Oscar. Not a film for those of you with a nervous disposition. 

So how am I feeling about tomorrow? Calm I think is the word. Is it the sort of calm before a storm? I don't know. I am apprehensive about the side effects as I don't know if  I will suffer any. Quite similar as to how I felt back in July  before I was about to start my chemo/ radiotherapy treatment. But as the Chemo will be much stronger I have to expect a less easy ride.

 I have in my mind that I do not want to feel as poorly as I did after the second operation back in Nov as I have been feeling so well. But I came back from that and I know that I  have the inner strength to battle back from any side effects may materialise.

One thing I do know is that there will be an end to the treatment and when it happens that will be it. So the chemo is not forever it is a maximum of 6 months or just 9 trips to the hospital. After tomorrow there will only be  8 !

 I anticipate being at the hospital  as an out patient for most of tomorrow. The next few days I plan to take it easy and not push myself .  I have a supply of DVDs to watch and some good books to read. The fridge and cupboards are well stocked with food. We have delicious cakes to have with tea care of Neil's mum Lynne and our lovely neighbour Sally aka The Malteser Fairy as she regularly posts a bag or two through the door.

So here we go again,  it will feel like a long 6 months at times  I am sure,  but I know it's the best course of action and at the end of it it will be summer, and I can look forward to so many things.

Once again thank you for your messages of support and encouragement in the last few days.

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