Saturday, 10 March 2012

Holiday Time

I had appointments with the Liver Consultant and Bowel Consultant this last week. Both consultants were delighted with my progress. They managed to get all of the tumour out with clear margins which the consultant was very pleased with to say the least! Her enthusiasm wore on me as I felt lifted by the news She discharged me from her clinic and gave me the green light to travel long haul.

 I saw the Bowel consultant yesterday morning and he was pleased with what progress I had made and we spoke about check up dates for monitoring me going forward. He was also happy for me to travel. I have to go and see the oncologist to discuss chemotherapy treatment - which will as last year be for the purpose of wiping out any rogue cancer cells in my blood system or lymphatic system that my immune system is unable to kill off. So I have an appointment to see the oncologist on 28 March.

So........we have a window when we can travel so guess what we have taken the opportunity and very impulsively decided we should go away. We had sort of hatching the plans during the week but they all came together yesterday after we saw the consultant. We are off to Cape Town for our long awaited and previously postponed holiday!  When........... later this afternoon. So we are in middle of packing and tidying the house before we leave for the airport in a few hours. The only downside is that we can't take Colin with us .He is staying with a lovely family near us where he will be well looked after. So I need to go and pack his stuff as well.

I am so excited - it is only 5 weeks on Monday that I had the operation and I will be in warmer climes! I can't quite believe it.  Twelve days in the sunshine!!

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