Thursday, 23 February 2012

No more stitches

Beautiful flowers from Sarah
I had the stitches out on Monday afternoon. I was advised to have them removed 2 weeks after the operation. Monday was 2 weeks since the op so I had booked an appointment with the Practice Nurse at my GP's practice. My friend Sarah drove me as Neil had to go back to work that day. He had been off for over a week looking after me and so it was back to Colin & me.

Taking the stitches out was more painful that I had expected. I had healed so quickly that made taking the stitches out more awkward. The Practice Nurse said that these were the most difficult stitches she had to remove in 30 years of nursing! Great - not an achievement I really wanted. I came out in a bit of a sweat when she was  tugging away. I had to deep breathe to get me through. I was so glad when it was all over and I had to lie on the bed for 5 minutes after to compose myself and then get up slowly so I didn't keel over.

Sarah suggested that what was needed was a cup of tea at Fego's -I agreed as I needed a treat after this ordeal. Great minds think alike as just as we arrived home Ruth texted me to see how I had got on and if I fancied a cuppa at Fego ..... so the three of us went - which distracted me from thinking about the experience of having the stitches out. 

The area around the wound felt different afterwards, A little tenderness which seemed to get worse as the evening progressed.A good night's sleep and it was much better on Tuesday. It seemed to be settling down again. I guess that where the stitches had embedded themselves around the healing skin taking them out had disrupted things so they had to reheal. So I might have to resort to taking a few painkillers to get me through the next few days.

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