Thursday, 3 November 2011

Making good progress

I can't believe that my last post was the 17th October.
Since then things have progressed in the right direction. I am feeling so much more positive than when I last posted. I was beginning to feel slightly down. This was all tied in with the fact that after all my treatments and two operations I was still not back to full health and normality. I was beginning to question what normality for me would ever be again.

I sat myself down and did some research on some reputable websites and looking back at blog entries for when there was a new challenge to deal with and how I reacted I came up with a new plan. When I decide what I perceive is the right path for me I feel empowered and so my positivity increases.

I revamped my diet - I think that I was including too many fruits and vegetables too soon into my diet that  my system was able to cope with. I was told I could eat anything and so I was. I decided to try a variation on the low residue diet that I had to follow when I came out of hospital last year which albeit boring does the trick in settling my system down. Once that happens I can start to introduce different foods. I ate smaller meal portions so I did not overload my digestive system. Everything that I ate or drank I recorded in a food diary and also monitored how this was effecting the number of times I need to visit the loo.

I started this new regime on the 20 October and the results have been very good. I only wake once in the night so I am getting a good night's sleep again. It has seriously cut down the number of  times I need to go to the loo. Eating smaller meals more  frequently means my energy levels stay more even. I have resumed "walking Colin duties". With the hour change last weekend I am now responsible for his afternoon walk that now replaces his evening walk now it is dark at 5.00 pm. I am so enjoying getting back out in the fresh air and he is remarkably well behaved.

I no longer need a nap in the afternoons.
I have been to Fego for lunch and been sat there for well over an hour with no discomfort. I am beginning to find that I have periods of 4 to 5 hours when I do not need the loo.

So all good progress. I feel like I am emerging from a fog, my sense of humour is returning and am feeling much happier and more positive.

Things are not perfect and will take time to get there - but I have made a good start. As a dear friend pointed out to me - if you had not been using your leg for that last 10 months and you had to start using it again it would take time to build up strength and time for your leg to realise what it was supposed to do - so just because you can't see your large colon why should it have to behave any differently. True I think - it needs time to do what it is supposed to do  again. So we are on this part of the journey now............... it certainly has been a journey longer than anticipated but at the same time I am learning so much.

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