Thursday, 10 November 2011

Another week

Almost another week has passed by and the progress continues.............

I drove my car.
I went to meet my sister for coffee on Tuesday morning and was out for 2 and a half hours.

I have walked Colin every afternoon for about an hour.

I have cooked supper for friends.

I have lost a few kilos so my clothes fit more comfortably.
I have taken all the stoma spare supplies that I had no more use for anymore to a charity in Bracknell that sends them to Africa. They can not be used in the UK for all sorts of health reasons so I was pleased that I found this charity so I did not have to throw them away as I hate waste.
I am only waking once in the night and continue to sleep well.
I have done some gardening which I really enjoyed.

I planted my Amaryllis that Lynne bought me and it has shoots already - something to look forward to.

So all normal simple things you take for granted but when you can do them again they mean so much!

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