Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fatigue but life goes on......

I still underestimate how much this blasted fatigue affects me. Just when I think that I have moved on and not feeling tired it reappears and I know that I  have overdone things. This fatigue can affect me mentally, physically & emotionally.  I am not worried  that because I feel so tired all the time my cancer could be returning  as all that I have read indicates that it is  a side effect of treatment. I read on the Cancer Research web site that the symptoms of fatigue can be;
  • Lack of energy - you may just want to stay in bed all day
  • Feeling ‘I just cannot be bothered to do much’
  • Problems sleeping
  • Finding it hard to get up in the morning
  • Feeling anxious or depressed
  • Pain in your muscles - you may find it hard to climb stairs or walk short distances
  • Being breathless after doing small tasks, like having a shower or making your bed
  • Finding it hard to concentrate, even just watching TV or talking to a good friend
  • Finding it hard to think clearly or make decisions easily
  • Loss of interest in doing things you usually enjoy
  • Negative feelings about yourself and others
I was surprised to find that I could relate to most of these at some time in the last few months – luckily not all together!! I wondered why my legs ache after not doing anything too strenuous and this is still a mystery.
I give myself one task a day that I have to complete whatever so that I get a sense of achievement. I do get bursts of energy when I feel good and this is encouraging. Once all the treatment ends then the fatigue should go away.

I have been planning to go to Manchester ro see our friends  Chris, Philip & David for sometime and waiting for me to feel up to travelling. 
Philip & Chris

As I am in a 4 week cycle I have an extra weekend without taking pills so last weekend looked a good opportunity to venture North. The journey was good and when I got there after a walk with them and Colin I was able to rest for an hour which helped. It was good to get a change of scenery and company. We went for dinner to a Thai restaurant in Hale on Friday and then to friends Nina & Peter for dinner on Saturday. So it was a very social weekend and I  enjoyed all the company. 

Sunday I went to see David who has played a prominent role in keeping me supplied with books throughout the last year and his reading suggestions are as good as those in Richard & Judy's Book Club! The latest series David has given me is by Colin Cotterell. I am reading the first in the series and if you like Alexander McCall Smith books then you will love these!. Thank you David for introducing me to this author.

David in paternal role.

A blog entry is not complete without mentioning Colin. He was well behaved on his first long car journey. He charmed his new friends and even managed to get away lightly for chewing Nina's dust pan and brush set! Sorry!

Neil & Colin on our Sat morning walk 

My next treatment is Wed 1 June - I can feel that anxiety approaching!

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