Monday, 6 January 2014

So I am back in my favourite place - Llandudno just outside Cape Town

I can't quite believe that we are here. It was a bit surreal to be going away on holiday so soon after the Christmas and New Year festivities. After the dreadful rainy stormy weather in the UK and getting soaking wet every time I stepped outside the front door I am so lucky to be back in summer and in January. Yes it did take 11 hours on a plane which passed really quickly -watching a few movies and some sleep. I really liked "Enough Said" which was a bit different and really uplifting when I didn't think it would be. Even got some shut eye on the flight.

 It was cloudy when I arrived but warm. The weather has been patchy and reminded me of summers back home, rain cloud sun and winds all in one afternoon.

So lucky to be staying at the Llandudno Beach House. There is a story connected to why I am so happy to be staying here at long last.  Two years ago I was supposed to be here in the former Beach House but I had to postpone it as I  had to have my liver resection. So I never got to stay here as when  I came out here 7 weeks later it was booked by someone  else. Sine then it has been demolished and rebuilt and in November last year I connected with Annie a wonderful agent here in Llandudno to see what was available  for early 2014 and the new and improved Beach House was available in early January for 10 days and was the only opening this season. Wow how lucky was that and I am convinced that it was just meant to be!

I am back in my favourite place and I can't tell you how wonderful that feeling is and how beautiful it is being here. I have a huge sense of gratitude for being given the opportunity to be here with Neil and my wonderful friends Chris Gillian and Ruth.

And this is the view from my bedroom window - I could sit here and stare out at the sea all day.
Watch this You Tube clip of my bedroom.

And this quote has resonance for this time..........

"Turn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.” ~Maori Proverb

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