Friday, 30 August 2013

Nothing worth haviing comes easy.............

But when something wonderful happens that you have been working towards it is the most amazing feeling.

What is this you may ask? Well my six monthly scan results are in and they are clear!!!!!!!!!! I am blown away by this as this means that I have been cancer free for 12 months - yes 12 months! At times I never thought that this would ever happen. My clear scan 6 months ago was great news as it was the first scan that I had which showed as disease free. But part of me though that this might be a blip as any tumours were too small to show up on the scan.  Then my blood test 3 months ago showed a good result. But now another disease free scan and a blood test result that is lower than 3 months ago.  So happy! This is the best news.

My regime that I have developed is working - I need to make sure that I now climb back on the waggon after some wayward behaviour over the summer. Where did I put that juicer and blender?

What a brilliant summer we have had!

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