Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Listening - do we really?

Consider for a moment the last time you truly felt heard. What a gift it is when another person is truly present, hearing our words as well as receiving all the unspoken messages we send through our energy, body, and nonverbal communication. Listening is a form of mindful attention that brings us fully into the present moment, where miracles can unfold in our relationships and in every area of our lives.

How often when you are listening to someone you are thinking of your response or what happened to you or being distracted by something happening in the background such as someone walking by.

When you really listen with all your body you make a true connection. This is a gift that you can give that costs you nothing. And you will be repaid with the possibility of someone listening to you.

This struck a cord with me today when I was practicing a guided meditation - and today I am really going to listen.

And this video sort of says it all - "you should have known" - do we? Not always and is it because we do not really listen?

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