Friday, 22 February 2013


I have been suffering a bit with scanxiety of late as I had my six monthly scan and blood tests on the 6 February. Nothing like coming back into reality, as I only landed from my beautiful holiday in South Africa on the 4 February.

I think that good feelings from that holiday, my acupuncture session and healing sessions have all contributed towards keeping me calm and patient awaiting the results - so the scanxiety was not as bad as it has in the past. I alway had hope.

But I heard such welcoming news on Wednesday - the blood test and scan were both good. So no treatments required following these scans - no worries about operations or treatments. What a relief and such a welcome gift. It made me so happy - well happy is an understatement but I can't think of another word to describe this feeling.

At the same time I am keeping this in perspective as this is the first scan that I have had where we have had this news and hopefully it will be the first of many. I will continue to have six monthly scans and blood tests for the foreseeable future. However I must be doing somthing right so I plan to continue with my regime of holistic therapies, supplements, exercise and diet.

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