Friday, 18 March 2011

In the words of the song "I feel it in my fingers I feel it my toes"

Since the third treatment on Wednesday the tingley feeling is back in my hands and now if my feet touch a cold floor then I get it in my toes. As I forget to put my slippers on when I go to the loo in the night I have resorted to wearing sports socks to bed - very flattering! So bye bye freezer and cold drinks again and hello gloves for the fridge and touching anything cold.

The treatment went much like the second treatment and I got to relax on the bed as my infusion takes more than 2 hours - this time I even fell asleep so there is no pain when the infusion goes in now that they use the heated pads on my hand and arm. I was home by 3.00pm to relieve Lynne who had very kindly agreed to doggie sit Colin as we did not like to leave him alone for too long. She really enjoyed the time with Colin and he must have as he was exhausted and spent most of the evening snuggled at my feet sleeping while I watched TV. He is settling in very well and generally behaving himself.

I have been extremely lucky that I have had no other side effects. However my white blood cell count was low after the last blood test taken last Monday so instead of going back in 3 weeks I will go back in 4 weeks - 13 April. This gives my body an extra week for the white blood cells to recover. The risk with a low white blood cell count is that this leaves me with a higher risk of catching infections. If my temperature goes above 38C then I have to go to hospital - something that I would rather avoid.

Thursday - Colin and I had a restful day. I am glad that he was happy to be quiet as well as I was tired today and we both needed to conserve our energy as we had our first dog obedience class at the RSPCA Centre from where we adopted Colin. I will keep the details of the experience to a minimum - it was a disaster!

6 dogs all very excitable including Colin who thought he was at dog social evening and was too busy trying to see what every one else was up to! He liked to roll on his back and show off his tummy and play.

Strange that today when it is quiet he is happy to sit when you ask him - so we have a plan for a command a day and see how he responds.

We had a lovely sleep this afternoon - me on the sofa and him on the rug. I don't think he is in to West Wing very much though!

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