Monday, 21 March 2011

Following the same pattern

Since the treatment last Wednesday the side effects and how I am feeling are following the same pattern as last time. Thursday and Friday just tiredness. Saturday and Sunday are the worst days for feeling out of sorts - no energy, tingly hands and now feet, strange sensitivity in my teeth and a feeling of irritability as I feel frustrated at not being able to do much. There was a glimmer of normality Sunday afternoon and this time I took Colin for a walk but think I got carried away as we were enjoying the sunshine, so there was a bit of a slump again later afternoon and early evening. But an early night and this morning I have woken up feeling much better and I just have to pace myself today.

Luke and Charlotte came to meet Colin on Saturday. Excitement all round - kids and dogs! Charlotte was a little nervous at first but then the three of them were running around the garden. I have a feeling that the lawn will take a bashing this summer and my flower borders will be more naturalised this year with Colin charging into the undergrowth.

Resting after play time.

Neil has been brilliant in the last few days. He has walked Colin and looked after me - he is looking a bit tired and I am happy that he is going on his well deserved break towards the end of the week.

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