Thursday, 16 July 2015

Going somewhere new.

Some times its great to do something impetuously. That's how I find myself having an impromptu holiday to see my friend Danny, in Palm Springs Califonia.

Danny is house hunting here and has rented a condo for a month while he does so. He casually mentioned that if I wanted a break then I was welcome to come and visit him, I thought about it and decided why not?! So an 11 hour flight from London and a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles and here I am in the desert.

The comfortable BA A380 interior

It's a 100 degrees outside. What a change from the London that I left, where it was drizzling with rain and grey skies. Here it is blue skies and surprisingly beaytiful. Of course there are palm trees everywhere, What I had not bargained on were the beautiful mountains that surround the town. Apparently in the winter the peaks are covered in snow, while in the valley you can be sunbathing by the pool. How amazing is that!

Having had a reasonable sleep last night, Danny took me on a tour of down town, as the Americans call their town centres.
Down Town Palm Springs

 I found a great juice bar called Fresh. It has a great selection of smothies and juices. I had the maca mama smoothie. Its ingredients were raw maca, raw coconut, coconut water, cocao nibs, cinnamon, banana and pink himalayan salt. it was unusual yet strangely delicious.
Me posing inside the Fresh juice bar

The counter at Fresh
My friend Danny waiting for his drink

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