Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Amelia Freer - The most fashionable nutritionist in town and her book is on sale in Costco!

I visited Costco - yes Costco - last week with Ruth. I love a good look around this store. For those of you who have never been is a huge warehouse full of surprises!  Well I am always surprised by what I find there,.

My last visit I bought some organic quinoa and organic coconut oil.  Yes organic in a vast supermarket! As you can  only generally buy one size in this store, large, these two items have lasted me a long time.

What a  great read         

I found myself browsing through their books which are generally heavily discounted. I had a quick look inside "Eat, Nourish, Glow" while I was in the store It was on offer for £8.99. I decided it was worth buying as it looked really interesting. I have not been disappointed.

I had no idea who Amelia Freer is , so, when I got home, I googled her. She is the nutritionist who was behind the weight loss of James Corden, Sam Smith and Boy George. Check out this article in the ES magazine which calls her the

"The most fashionable nutritionist in town"

I like the simplicity of her message: "I hope to help others discover and celebrate nutritious food - food that is accessible, easy to make and that bursts with goodness & flavour! I aim to empower people to adopt a cleaner way of eating that becomes a natural habit of life, not a short-term commitment (no diet fads here!)." 

Reading this book has made me realise how over complicated we can make things for ourselves in trying to eat healthier. It's about getting back to basics and how to eat cleaner and enjoy the flavours.

It was a random purchase that will play a major part in my eating this summer.

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