Monday, 14 January 2013

Les Miserables

What an early start for a Sunday! We had tickets to see Les Miserables at the London Imax for the 9.00A.M YES A.M. showing!

 I had not been to the cinema this early in the morning since I went to Saturday morning kids cinema at the Plaza cinema in Cardiff when I was a young boy not yet a teenager! Yes a long time ago but happy simplier times.

Anyway back to Les Mis. I had read the reviews on Saturday which went from fabulous to mediocre. I had seen the stage show a long time ago and I enjoyed it but did not rave about it. So I was looking forward to seeing how the film version impacted me.

The Imax was busy considering how early it was - some hardcore fans there and yes I suppose I could be one of them. The Imax screen is huge and the sound systen was brilliant. Armed with a cup of green tea from their cafe I took my seat. I was amazed how quiet the cinema was - not  the usual popcorn munching crew here or was that because the vending station was not yet open?

As the film started the sound seemed so loud - was this going to be a problem I thought? I need'nt have as I got used to it and it really was suberb. As the screen was so big and the film has lots of close up and personal shots I felt more involved with the characters than I did when I saw the stage show. The music was beautiful. The actors are singing live - not dubbed and lip synched. They have a small ear piece which you cannot see and a pianist is close by playing the music for the actor to sing along with.

What an emotional film and a Sunday morning. I had forgotten that one of the most famous songs from Les Miserables " I dreamed a dream" ( of course we all know that one after Susan Boyle belted it out!) comes quite early in the proceeedings. That song is a tear jerker in any case but the way that Anne Hathaway sang it made even more emotional. So off I was on an emtional journey that lasted the rest of the film.

I was so delighted to have seen this movie and it's still with me as I hum the songs as I go about my day. I was even singing as I took Colin for his walk in the snow this morning.

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