Thursday, 4 August 2011

First Day without chemo pills

The 3rd August  came and went. Took the last pills last night and did a happy dance as I swallowed the last one.

I hope that this will be the last one I have to take - let's hope that they have done the business.

Feeling much better than last week and last night was another milestone in getting better. I went to London yesterday evening to meet David & Jeremy our friends from Yorkshire who were passing through on the way  to their holidays. No need for champagne to celebrate -just happy spending the evening it with friends and Neil.

We had a delicious supper at Carluccios in Covent Garden.

We went to see Pygmalion at the Garrick Theatre.

I felt like a grown up again  -venturing into the West End for an evening out. The play was very good - it is the play by George Bernard Shaw on which My Fair Lady was based. Luckily the theatre was air conditioned as it was a very warm evening. We drove into London so that I did not have to brave public transport and we walked from Albermarle Street. I was very pleased that I was able to stand up energy wise to the evening which was a real treat.

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