Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The return to wellness................

Out of the blue I'm working again! Yes came as a bit of a shock to me too!!! I started back at PwC on 1 September. Three days a week - two of which are in the office and one at home. It's taken a while to get a routine togther - getting up early to catch the train, being out all day, having brain ache from all the new information I was absorbing and arranging doggie day care for Colin. Thank you Ruth for looking after my Colin two days a week.

I think that I have settled into my new routine now. I am enjoying the work and the money comes in useful. It's been great to catch up with old colleagues and to make new ones. My life has moved on yet again in a different direction. I am conscious how this might affect me and am continually monitoring how this is all impacting my health and well-being. So I will be letting you know how I am getting on. As someone said to me when I was deciding whether to go  back to work - "this marks a return to wellness". It feels that way too after the last two months of adjusting.

 A sunny lunch break walk in London.