Thursday, 5 June 2014

Jane Plant's view on dairy products and how it resonated with me

My dear friend David sent me this article from the Daily Telegraph.  

Jane Plant's story is one that is inspiring in that she believes in what she is doing and has empowered herself to deal with her cancer. It's working for her and this is inspiring.  Her words  resonated in my head when I read them " she had become lax about both her diet and lifestyle". I have found that in the last six months that I have indeed been guilty of this too. Not all the time - but it has certainly become more lax.The result is that I often have a niggle at the back of my mind -  guilt I think it's called - about what I have eaten or if I have not meditated.  I sometimes find it difficult to be so disciplined. 

Discipline  is not a friendly word as it evokes a life where there is no room for fun things. So when I am offered a second glass of wine at a dinner party or succumb to a very small dessert I do consciously know what I am doing . I know that I am takingf a risk. But I still do it! Why? I am not a great risk taker and yet here I am risking a relapse. So if anything this article has hit home with me and my regime - so it's back on track for me as of today - now where did I put that juicer? More willpower required!

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