Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Autumn weather -"Girl on Raw" and Lentil & Harvest Pie

A different angle on Autumn - starting over instead of fading away.

The weather has now really turned autumnal - not the good bits either! Rainy, chilly & grey skies like living in Tupperware. So I needed something warm and comforting for dinner last night. I remembered that I had received a recipe in my email box from ( a lady that I met at Penny Brohn Cancer Care last year)  for a comforting cottage pie. I looked at the recipe and the link to where Verity was inspired to adapt the original recipe. This link was to "Girlon Raw" and her recipe for lentil and harvest pie. As I had most of the ingredients for this pie at home I thought it was suitably comforting to have for dinner on a wet chilly evening. I have to say that I was impressed with the result - it was the closest I have got to a cottage pie which is made with meat.I used to make a meatless shepherdess pie by Delia Smith but to be honest this was a bit complicated whereas this new recipe is straight forward andI would definitely make this again and probably try Verity's "Cottage Pie" at some time.


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