Monday, 15 February 2016

Time for some rest and relaxation

It's been a very busy 6 weeks at work since returning from the Christmas break. It must be time for some rest and relaxation.

Where better than a trip to see my friends Danny and Alan, who have bought a condo in Palm Springs, California.   I arrived here last on the 11th February. It's been very warm and sunny. Is it really February? You could easily forget that it is.

After a couple of days to adjust to the time difference, my brain is no longer foggy and I'm sleeping through the night.

SoCal (Southern California) is a paradise in winter. Blue skies, sunshine, mountains, palm trees, swimming pools and surprisingly healthy food. The snow birds are here in force, all escaping the cold winter of the Canadian and North American winter. It's a popular destination and I can see why. This has to be so healthy for older people than enduring the cold of a northern hemisphere winter. For me a blast of sunshine in the middle of winter is such a treat. My vitamin D levels are being topped up.

       As I write this is the view from the patio.