Thursday, 29 May 2014

24 hours in Bristol .......Banksy. Daughter and Dr Hembry ......14th and 15th May

Twenty four hours in Bristol and it was action packed. I had an appointment with Dr Hembry as I had not had a catch up review with her for some time. As daughter is now working for 6 months in Bristol,  I decided to have an overnight stop see her and see more of Bristol.

Bristol is such an up and coming city I was keen to explore. Her apartment is just off the steep Park Street so very central - perfect for exploring the city on foot or the no 8 bus!

Park Street - doesn't look too steep but it is!

Here are some of the highlights.......
Dinner with daughter at the Cowshed Bar & Grill in Clifton - delicious food.

This is what I ate ....

Grilled Asparagus with Button Mushrooms, Hollandaise Sauce ; Toasted Brioche 

Pan Seared Trout Fillets with Minted Crushed Peas, Parisienne Saffron Potatoes and Lemon Truffle Cream

It was such a sunny evening and a very smart Cow shed!
Daughter knows how to choose a good restaurant! She's had plenty of practice ! These London girls!

Breakfast the following day was at Bills with daughter before she had to go off to work.

Morning Tea at Bill's Cafe - they are getting everywhere!!
Leaving me to explore the city.....

The Wills Building - the view from the roof terrace at daughter's apartment

Some Banksy pictures .........well he reputedly lives here. I love the fact that he is still anonymous!

Kitty - came across her by the markets

Mobile Lovers - in the Museum ( for the moment)

A statue decorated by Banksy - again in the museum
A wander through Clifton Village - very countrified part of Bristol.

Stop for a mid morning green tea

Wander around the expensive shops
 And the main reason for coming to Bristol a visit to see Dr Hembry who has her practice in Clifton.
She only has some rooms in this beautiful villa
All went well with the catch up and review of the supplement regime - so all good news.

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